Hi! I'm Alicia 'Xellandria' Kilpatrick, more commonly known as Xella around the internet and, well... just about everywhere else, too. I'm a digital and traditional artist who's been lurking around the fringes of both the World of Warcraft fandom and BlizzCon since the beginnings. When I'm not doodling elves and goblins and pandas and the like I can usually be found in-game—leveling alts or battle pets, or collecting transmog and hoarding shirts.

You can find examples of my art at XellArt on Tumblr or @xellArt on Twitter.
If that's not quite enough Xella for you, you can also find me on Twitch, or my personal accounts on Tumblr and Twitter.

I look forward to seeing what we can do together! ♥

What do you get?

The 2019 Badges both include:

  • One die-cut, laminated, physical badge shipped to you via USPS
  • A high resolution PNG file of your badge fit to print
  • An internet-sized PNG file of your badge, great for showing off to friends or on social media!
  • A set of stickers featuring the core races' faction leaders... as plushies!
  • Other goodies as time, inventory, and space permit
  • US shipping is included!

Example Badges

Badge Styles

This year, I am offering two distinct styles of badges: full-body chibi badges, and a more traditional portrait-style badge. Both badge styles are die cut, 4-5" (10-14cm) in the largest dimension, laminated, and slot-punched for use on a badge or ID holder or on a lanyard with a clip. Check out previous examples of both types of badge here!

The Traditional Portrait Badge features your character approximately from the chest up in your favourite transmog, framed by your choice of border type—or no border at all! Portrait badges are great for transmogs, poses, or characters that involve a lot of magical, glowy effects. New to 2019 is the Full-Body Chibi Badge, which features your character in its full glory, floating effortlessly in space, and is typically more stylized and inherently lighthearted than the portrait badges. Both badge styles are drawn, inked, and coloured digitally, but you can upgrade either badge type to be coloured with real media—markers, coloured pencils, crayons, and the like! Examples of real media badges can be found here.

Due to the lack of a background, both Chibi and borderless Portrait badges do better with transmog that doesn't utilize a lot of flames or multi-coloured glow effects, though some single-colour glows (like the halo from a priest's Faith helm) can sometimes be managed. Badges upgraded to be coloured with real media will likely also do better without flames or magic effects, but every badge is different so if you have something specific in mind, don't be afraid to ask whether it can be done or not!


Extra Art Options


Barring extenuating circumstances, badges are typically completed and delivered no later than 2-3 weeks past the sketch's approval and payment. International shipping may require a longer period for delivery due to customs, and in my experience customs wait times can't be reliably estimated. The entire process from initial interest to completion usually takes less than a month, but you'll receive a personalized estimated time for completion with your quote so you know when to be on the lookout for more information!

What's Your Process?

  • Fill out the badge interest form or email me to let me know you’re interested in a badge commission! Tell me about your character—include as much or as little information as you’d like. Keep your eyes out—you should receive a reply email within a few days!
  • Once we’ve agreed on a price and discussed the details, I’ll do a sketch of your character and email it to you for approval. If there are changes you want made or anything you’re unsure about in the sketch, this is the time to mention them or ask.
  • The sketch is considered finalized and no additional edits will be accepted once payment is made, so please be sure you’re happy with the sketch!
  • I accept payment primarily via PayPal; a link will be provided with your sketch. Other payment options may be considered, please email me if you have questions about a specific alternative.
  • Once payment has been received I’ll finish your commission within 2-3 weeks, email you a digital copy of the completed badge, and mail you the physical version. Shipping within the US is included in the base price of the badge; international shipping may require an additional fee.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

  • You may repost or edit the artwork for your badge for personal use (avatars, forum signatures, and the like). Credit is greatly appreciated, but not necessary.
  • I typically stream my commission work on twitch.tv/xellandria, and this may include some or all of your badge. If you don’t want your badge streamed, please let me know as soon as possible. On the flip side, if you'd like me to let you know if/when I'll be streaming work on your badge, I can do that too!
  • I also post the finished products to tumblr and twitter; if you would prefer your badge not be posted, or posted after a delay (e.g. if you’re giving the badge as a gift), please let me know.
  • Changes or additions to your badge will not be accepted after payment is received; please be sure you're happy with the sketch before you pay!
  • I retain the right to refuse commissions for any reason.
  • While I will do everything in my power to make sure your badge arrives in a safe and timely fashion, I cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or late packages.
  • Badges upgraded to real media are a unique, one of a kind version of themselves and the materials used to make them are not lightfast. To preserve their colour for many years, I recommend not displaying them in an area prone to sunlight in between convention seasons!
  • Just, uh... ignore the little bit down there that says I'm not open; that's a bug :x

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