Hey I'm Skyla, also known as Vennecca and VenneccaBlind. I'm a self-taught artist from Wyoming. I LOVE video games, dark makeup, and sparkly things. I take regular commissions (often through Patreon) and badge commissions (for WoW and other games).

What do you get?

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Badge frame of your choice (2019 frames come in Horde, Alliance, and HOA. Old frames are available upon request).
All badges are 4x6 inches, laminated, hand cut, and illustrate your custom character.
All badges come with a simple lanyard, but more goodies can be purchased with the badge, or separately.

Example Badges

Badge Styles

Horde, Alliance, Heart of Azeroth

upon request.


Extra Art Options


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What's Your Process?

If I can accept ALL badges, I totally want to! I have never had to turn down a badge before (except if someone tried to order after I closed).

I only take 5 badge orders at one time, just to not overwhelm myself with art. When one gets done, I can start a new one. I dont usually have to, but if it comes to more than 5 orders at a time I will start a wait list (you dont pay until your order reaches the art stage).

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

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