Hey I'm Skyla, also known as Vennecca and VenneccaBlind. I'm a self-taught artist from Wyoming. I LOVE video games, dark makeup, and sparkly things. I take regular commissions (often through Patreon) and badge commissions (for WoW and other games).

What do you get?

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I am offering badges themed to the Horde and Alliance to reflect the upcoming faction war, but if you would like a neutral badge, you are welcome to request it.
The badges also look like Hearthstone cards!
The back side of the badge displays the faction symbol, or in the case of a neutral badge, will display both symbols split down the middle.
All badges come with a simple lanyard, but more goodies can be purchased with the badge, or separately.

Example Badges

Badge Styles

Both badge styles are framed the same way, like a Hearthstone card.
Diagram of the front:

All colors on the front of the badge can be changed to fit your tastes, including the gem colors, text colors, and background colors.
The shield in the bottom corner displays the faction symbol by default, but you can get your guild symbol there, or a neutral faction of your choice.
The lower text displays "For the [faction]" by default, but can contain any writing you want.

They come with a front and back side of the badge, lanyard, laminated and shipped to you. Shipping is FREE in the USA, but international shipping is not.

I have two packages to choose from when purchasing
The Deck is the basic standard badge package, which includes the digital art, print, lamination, finishing, and mailing within the USA.
And Booster Pack, which includes everything from The Deck, plus two buttons, two ATC prints, and three potion bottles.
There are also other items you can purchase for the badge


Extra Art Options


I am open now!
I will be closing badge commissions on September 1st, and shipping between then and October 15th at the very latest. I will try to ship as early as possible.

What's Your Process?

If I can accept ALL badges, I totally want to! I have never had to turn down a badge before (except if someone tried to order after I closed).

I only take 5 badge orders at one time, just to not overwhelm myself with art. When one gets done, I can start a new one. I dont usually have to, but if it comes to more than 5 orders at a time I will start a wait list (you dont pay until your order reaches the art stage).

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

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Extra Options Page
Button, keychain, and sticker images

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