Hello there!
I'm Jess, an illustrator and 3D artist who loves World of Warcraft! I've done badges in the past for all sorts of conventions, as well as character commissions. Since I won't be making it to Blizzcon this year, I hope I can give a little piece of myself to take with you all!
If you have any specific questions or concerns about what I will or won't do in terms of your character, feel free to email me: teatimejess@gmail.com
• Twitter: @TeaTimeJess
• Website: http://teatimejess.com
• Instagram: @TeaTime_Jess

What do you get?

• One shipped laminated badge
• Badge clip
• High-res PNG for personal use
• A little extra surprise

Example Badges

No Example Badges Yet.

Badge Styles

Currently I only offer badges in one style for the sake of simplicity! If you are interested in a different type of commission that needs to be discussed or have specifics in mind, please contact me via my website or email.


Extra Art Options


Badge orders will open mid to late May. They will be digitally delivered 1-2 weeks after the invoice is confirmed and will be shipped following that. (Delivery date depending on postal service.)

What's Your Process?

I will be taking one to two badges a month to start due to schedule. If there is significant interest, badges will be selected via a lotto system. After being selected you will be notified via email for confirmation. No payment is taken until after rough sketch approval, then an invoice will be sent to the same email. Work will be completed once the invoice is paid! :)

Frame Styles

No frame styles.

Terms of Service

• Clients may request changes on the: 1. initial sketch, 2. flat colors, and 3. final tweaks.
• No major changes to the pose or overall composition may be requested after the sketch has been approved.
• If the client needs to cancel the commission for any reason, a partial refund of $20 will be given if it has not yet reached the color stage. After color, there can be no refunds.
• If the artist needs to cancel the commission for any reason, a full refund will be given reguardless of the stage the commission is at.
• The artist reserves the right to refuse a request for any reason.
• These commissions are for personal use only and must be posted with credit to the artist, TeaTimeJess (Jesica O'Black).

Ready to Order?

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