Hi there~ I'm Sirius! I'm a 25 year old Australian artist that was a 2016 Badge Babe and a 2017 Badge-r. And I'm back for another year! I'm a graphic designer for a company that creates catalogues and POS kits for select supermarkets all over Australia by day and by night I'm a magical girl art gremlin, that does a bit of everything; illustration (both traditional and digital), plushies, and sculpture (replicas, trinkets and props).

I draw a lot and I like to draw a bit of everything, but cute things are usually my favourite thing to draw; I read a lot and my favourite things to read are fantasy books, bring on the MAGIC! I game a lot too ^u^ I've been playing World of Warcraft since mid-Cataclysm, but I truly started playing at the launch of Mists of Pandaria! My all time favourite games include Pokemon, WoW, and Legend of Zelda.

There are a whole bunch of ways that you can find me or my work if need be; you can find me on Deviantart, my personal Twitter, and my personal Website. Feel free to come chat with me~ I'm more than happy to chat your ear off and give you a good shoulder to lean on!

What do you get?

In 2018, regular badge commissioners will recieve:
✦ A laminated badge (with either a cord lanyard or simple clip);
✦ A digital copy of your badge;
✦ A digital avatar (450 x 450 pixels);
✦ An A5-sized print of your artwork;
✦ A 20% discount code for a future commission;
✦ An Ashes of Al'ar "ribbon bird" sticker; and
✦ A Blizzcon 2018 Shadow pin!
Click HERE for the form!

In 2018, budget badge commissioners will recieve:
✦ A laminated badge (with either a cord lanyard or simple clip);
✦ A digital copy of your badge;
✦ A digital avatar (450 x 450 pixels); and
✦ A Blizzcon 2018 Shadow pin!
Click HERE for the form!

To see an image of what you can get, please follow this link to the BlizzCon Badges page of my website~!

Example Badges

Badge Styles

By default the illustration for the regular badge is a mid-waist/bust style and the budget badge is a chibi, but if you want something different, feel free to ask! You can also customise the badges however you see fit; change the frame, the name plate, or the colour~ I'm also more than happy to make you a custom frame, this will however incur an extra cost.


Extra Art Options


I'll be open from early May 2018 all the way up to late September 2018. Regular Badge turnaround is usually 1 to 2 weeks after commission request (with budget badges taking under a week); they will be shipped all through the year until mid-October and shipping will take between 10 and 20 business days to reach international destinations.

What's Your Process?

First come, first served~

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

✦ Please pay within 48 hours of receiving your PayPal invoice from me.
✦ By paying the invoice, the client agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.
✦ I reserve the right to refuse any commission, for any reason.
✦ I reserve the right to issue a refund (depending on stage) and/or cancel a commission at any time, this is rare, but the reasons for this could be poor communication, or rude/inappropriate behaviour.
✦ Regarding process:
- Sketch is to be approved before payment;
- After payment, you get 2 changes at the sketch stage for free;
- You get one change at the line art stage for free; and finally
- Any change after line art is approved will incur a small fee.
✦ Regarding refunds:
- Full refund: only if I haven't started working on your badge.
- Partial refund: only up to the completion of the line art stage.
- Any time after that and you won't be eligible to receive a refund.
✦ Regarding copyright and ownership:
- Full copyright on all art belongs to me: the creator, unless agreed otherwise.
- Ownership and copyright of the characters depicted remains with the client.
- All artwork is for your personal use only, you may use unaltered artwork for whatever you like.
✦ You do not have permission to sell, alter and/or use the artwork commercially in any way without a prior written consent from me.
✦ I post all completed commissions on Twitter, and if possible, I tag you in it! If you don't want that OR you want to keep it a surprise, please let me know beforehand.
✦ I sign my work, and while your physical badge will not be signed, your digital one and digital avatar will be. Please don't remove it.
✦ Please note that the artist is not responsible for damaged or lost packages; but I still do my best to make sure you receive what's yours!

More information regarding my badges, commissions and process can be found on my website.

Ready to Order?

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