I am a European digital artist who also dabbles in arts & crafts. Most of the art I currently draw is inspired by World of Warcraft but I love crossovers with other games. I am also an avid reader of fantasy, heroic-fantasy and sci-fi books.

You can find my art on my website and DeviantArt. I'm also present and active on Twitter.
If you want to buy my art, I'm on RedBubble and Society6!

What do you get?

Budget badge commissioners get 3 .jpg files:
- front picture
- side profile picture
- side-to-side front and side profile pictures
-- Click here to order a Budget badge --

Physical badge commissioners get:
- a laminated badge (approx. 9 x 12.5 cm) with a black cardboard back
- a digital copy of their badge
- a digital-only picture of their character without the badge frame
- a hand-painted murloc or whelp charm (random color)
- international shipping in a padded envelope
-- Click here to order a Physical badge --

Example Badges

Badge Styles

There's only one option for Budget badges.
Physical badges come in two versions: Headshot and Bust.

Badge frames for 2018 are racial-themed, but feel free to choose any frame you want! It doesn't have to match your character's race.
If you prefer a more neutral design, I also offer three simple frames: Alliance, Horde and Blizzard.
If you don't like the painted background, you can choose one or two background colors (shading) to replace it.


Extra Art Options


Orders are already open but more frames are in the making; if you can't find your race, just wait a bit longer :)
Items will be sent all through the season between the announcement and 20 days before BlizzCon.

What's Your Process?

First come first served!
I open 3 slots at the same time, if all are booked I won’t re-open orders before I finished these three.
Most of the time I ship badges separately, but I could wait until I have several to print if there is more than one badge order on the waiting list (for ink saving reasons). The longest you’ll have to wait is until I finish 3 badges.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service


By commissioning me, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the following terms and conditions:
- I’m only accepting payment via PayPal and in Euros (€). Do not send money yourself; I will send you a PayPal invoice that you will have to approve and pay.
- I’m opening a limited number of badge commission slots at the same time. Once they’re filled, I don’t re-open commissions until all drawings are done.
- I’m not taking pre-orders, you have to check when slots are open again on my website. An announcement of re-opening will also be made on Twitter.
- Badge commissions must be requested through the order form. All other means of communication will be ignored.
- Once I got your order form, we will discuss details through e-mails.
- I reserve myself the right to refuse a commission without justification.
- Rules and prices are subject to change over time; these changes are not applicable to ongoing commissions.
- Full payment is expected once you agree with the sketch. I won’t start working on the final drawing before I get it.
- I limit the number of sketch revisions to two (2). Past this point, I will cancel the project. I will not modify the final product unless for small details (wrong eye color, missing scar etc.); such modifications will be allowed or not on a case-by-case basis.
- No refund of paid amounts will be granted for whatever reason, unless I am the one explicitly cancelling the project and informing you by e-mail.
- I remain the sole owner of all rights associated to the pictures I draw. You cannot reproduce, modify or sell my work without my specific and written consent. You can repost my work as long as you're crediting me.
- I am allowed to use your picture on DeviantArt, Twitter, in my portfolio and in any other self-promotion channel. However, I won't make it available for someone else to buy without prior asking for your consent (including on RebBubble, Society6 or any other platform)
- If you have questions, you can contact me by e-mail at


- I won’t be held responsible for lost goods. If you have no news from your shipped badge bundle after 4 weeks, we can consider it lost and I will ship you another badge at the same address without extra cost. Please note that I will only do it once.
- I won’t be held responsible for damaged goods. If your badge or physical extra is damaged on arrival and on condition that you provide me with a proof of its state (photo sent at my e-mail address), I will send you a replacement one for free. Please note that I will only do it once.
- I won't be held responsible if the badge gets lost due to a wrong shipping address given. However, I can make a new shipment (laminated badge only) at the correct address for an extra cost of 10€.

Ready to Order?

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