Hey friends! My name is Rai and I'm from California. Among basic teachings from school, I am mostly a self taught artist with a dedication to try improving little by little. Most of my inspiration comes from game companies like Riot and Blizzard who make wonderful characters, stories, and creatures. And that's why when con season comes around, I am all over it! I can't wait to make your characters come to life! :)

Social Media:
Badge Site » https://raidoodles.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/badges/
DeviantArt » https://raidoodles.deviantart.com/
Twitter » https://twitter.com/RaixCore
Twitch » https://www.twitch.tv/RaixCore
Contact Email » RaiDoodles@yahoo.com

What do you get?

You will get a badge that will be approximately 3″ width by 4″ height finely printed on high quality photo paper with cardstock backing. It will contain ONE character from your favorite Blizzard franchise or anything related to thus Blizzard franchise; the ideas are up to you! A name tag will be added underneath via a chain ring so it dangles around a little bit. Each badge will be laminated for protection with an empty backing free of any form of print. You will be given one simple, black cord lanyard to hang your badge.
You will also be given the transparent digital PNG file of your badge!

For anything concerning profile pictures and whatnot, feel free to send me a message!

Example Badges

Badge Styles

Standard badges of mine normally show the character slightly below the waist up. My style is more realistic, but it only really shows when I'm able to draw the creatures via battle/hunter pets or druid forms. For 2019, the frames are diamond and the sigils and banners will depict your character's class and class colors. Among the customizable things, you can opt for a different colored background other than the sandy color, different expressions, different placements for add-ons, or even a matching name tag background so it's not sandy colored as well! Feel free to bring in the imagination and fun!


Extra Art Options


I am currently open now until around October! If you are going to physically go to BlizzCon, I would highly suggest ordering early so that it may show up way before your vacation date. And if you do go and it's nearing the end date, please let me know! The time it takes to complete badges will be approximately one or two weeks depending on life duties or disgusting heatwaves that I can't escape (zero A/C). Shipping in the US will be standard via bubble mailer from USPS and you'll be given tracking information! Shipping outside of the US will need to be discussed so I can give you a proper estimate!

What's Your Process?

I am doing batches of five with the intent of first come, first serve after emails have been approved!

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

Regarding Art Process:
• Payment will be split into two halves and have 48 hours for a response.
• Post discussion and before the sketch, the first half will be asked for to ensure your spot on the list for that batch.
• When the badge has been completed and approved, the second half will be asked for so I can swap you with your completed PNG version.
» Feel free to use http://thefeecalculator.com/ if you want to add in the money that Paypal takes for their merchant account fees.
• Easy changes to lineart are accepted during the sketch process once asked for approval, but once colors have been approved, big changes are a pain and prohibited.
• I have the right to refuse any commission, and/or refund your money and end the commission for any reason due to rude behavior.

Regarding Badge Art Copyright and Ownership:
• Full copyright on the badge art belongs to me; the artist, unless discussed otherwise.
• Ownership and copyright of the characters themselves belong to the customer.
• Badge artwork is for the customer's personal use ONLY and they may use it unaltered wherever they like.
• The customer does not have permission to sell, alter, or use the artwork commercially in any way without written consent from me.
• If artwork is posted, please link back via a social tag.

Regarding Refunds:
Full Refund » If badge artwork has not been started yet.

⁂ Artist is not responsible for damaged or lost packages via USPS.

For more information, please consult https://raidoodles.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/badges/ or contact me at RaiDoodles@yahoo.com. ♥

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