Matt Demino

Hi! I am Matt DeMino and I am a freelance artist with a passion for Blizzard games! I grew up with Warcraft and later a healthy obsession with the Diablo games. I attended my first Blizzcon last year with my girlfriend and had a blast! I did a few badge commissions then and plan to go full steam ahead with them this year, so I am happy to work with you for your dream badge! Thanks!

What do you get?

You will get:
-One 4 x 6 Inch Badge with your character of choice
-One plastic sleeve
-One basic lanyard (Black)
(upgrades available)

OR opt for a Digital Only that you print yourself at home!

Example Badges

Badge Styles

You can order a badge with or without a frame, or name banner for free.
I do a small up-charge(+$15) for custom frames (for Guild crests, Racial border, etc.) *If you commission a custom race border I reserve the right to use it with another commission*


Extra Art Options


I am open for commissions as of now (May 2018), and you will get your items and optional upgrades sometime in August. Since I am attending Blizzcon myself this year, I will be willing to bring your badge to the con and give it to you in person!

What's Your Process?

I am first-come-first-serve for commissions right now! I will initially have 20 slots open and will then close, and once they are finished I will open additional slots.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

Finalized Images sent via Email, or Dropbox, or shipped if necessary. WIP's sent via our ongoing email chain.

Usage commissioned art is for you and your personal use only. You agree you will not make copies of the art for resale, or to advertise yourself in any way. Please ask me if you have further questions. You may post on social media the final product, but please link me in any posts or shoutouts!

Ready to Order?

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