Hey there! I'm LtSkipzz (ERS or Liz)
I'm a Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer.
This is my 2nd year doing Blizzcon Badges!

What do you get?

All commissions will include:
- (approx.) 5" x 7" Digital HD character portrait without badge frame
- (approx.) 5" x 7" Physical gloss print of your character portrait without frame
- (approx.) 5" x 7" Laminated Badge with portrait
- Metal Badge Clip

Example Badges

Badge Styles

Each badge I have designed is unique and one of a kind to it's class.
I've taken my time to create each one to make each selection different from others.
Non-WoW will be available upon request but may take a little longer to receive.


Extra Art Options


May 2019- Sept 2019
Read the terms located in my google doc and fill out the form completely.
The badges will be shipped out asap upon completion. (please be patient as I care about quality)
The deadline for shipping will be around September.(earlier for international)

I will not be attending so I cannot personally give out badges this year!

What's Your Process?

Once a form is submitted and completely filled out, first come first serve and e-mail confirmations will go out.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

Located in my google doc form!
Click the Order Form button to find out more!

Ready to Order?

Order Form

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