Hello! I'm Lilena and I've been drawing world of warcraft fanart since 2003. I've played wow since phase 2 beta and am I diehard Blizzard fan! This is the first year I'm officially open to the public for Blizzcon Badges. I am a busy mom of 2 and I have an unhealthy obsession with boomkins.

Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr - @Lilenatalem
Twitch -
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What do you get?

I am playing with the idea of a print being sent with each badge, but I haven't pin pointed which yet.

1 print of your character inserted in a Badge Holder 4X6inches and a Black Lanyard. 1 Large PNG of your print (Digital) Shipping inside the US. If shipping outside the US you must cover the additional shipping fees!

Example Badges

Badge Styles

I am currently only offering 1 type of style with no frames.


Extra Art Options


I will be working on badges in batches of 10, and opening and closing my queue as needed.

I will ship them out in batches over the summer, but at least 1 month before blizzcon to ensure you receive your badge.

Expect the art to take 2-4 weeks from payment for completion.

What's Your Process?

Right now I will be working on them in batches of 10 at at time, First come first serve. I will be opening and closing my queue as needed.

Frame Styles

No frame styles.

Terms of Service

- All payments will be made in USD via Paypal BEFORE I start the commission unless otherwise discussed. I will let you know when I'm ready for you to pay though - usually when I'm ready to begin.

- You are expected to pay the Paypal fees which I will calculate in the commission price and will show you when I send you an invoice and I generally use Average fee for $50.00 is less than $2.00

- You will be allowed 2 small revisions. IE colors are wrong on something, or don't like X,Y, & Z. You are expected to speak up sooner than later. Don't approve sketches and then wait until everything is completed to then tell me you don't like the expression, or the hair etc at that point it's too late, unless it's something small like eye color is off.

- I will take artistic librities with armor. I try to draw it as close as possible to what's in game, but sometimes It's just impossible to get it exact.

- I have the right to refuse any commission, and or refund your money and end the commission for any reason.

Ready to Order?

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