Kirita Windwalker

'ello! Im Kirita and this will be my first year offering Badges.

Im a Commission Artist, a WoW Vet, and a big fan of all things fantasy. My art goals are to reach a hyper realistic style but for the time being I have a more cartoonie take on realism. I blame WoW's original art!

If you have questions feel free to email me at

What do you get?

The base order is for a Digital Badge but I offer tons of add ons for additional cost.

I now can offer laminated physical badges in varying sizes.


Each option will be based on badge, class, faction, or character art, your choice! Ask for more detail.

Each Order will receive a high res PNG and a JPEG file for easy printing and sharing.

Example Badges

Badge Styles

Im offering custom frames for a price but I decided to just use a Unique Banner style for a more unique feel!

Each is a digital sketch done in my cartoonie realism style and have a option to pick a chibi instead!

On request I can also do traditional badges with a price that will vary on detail and medium.


Extra Art Options


Turn around should be a week but I always ask for at least 2 weeks especially with painted pieces.

I ship physical items in batches of 5 or twice a month, I will ship weekly when the con is closer.

What's Your Process?

I work on a first to pay, first to finish routine. My slots remain open till a payment has been made. I require payment up front and approval for the sketch before I move forward. I will usually offer one or two more wip updates before finishing.

As of this time I dont turn away clients unless I feel I cant complete the work or feel uncomfortable with the subject matter.

A limit of Two pieces per slot taken so you could order two versions of a badge (Ex. A painted bust and a chibi version), a badge and another piece, or two different badges.
I offer matching and couple badges that fit or match on request.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

ToS is here, just scroll down a tad. They are pretty standard.

Ready to Order?

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