I'm Tiffany 'Foxy' Fox - a misplaced Irish gal living in the USA. I'm entirely self taught and work primarily in traditional media for character art, and digital media for backgrounds, etc.

I've been drawing for more years than it's sane for me to remember (okay, since 1993) with numerous magazine, Convention book and fanzine appearances, including the World of Warcraft: Legion zine ( I was also a member of Badge Babes in 2016.

You can find me in the following places;

What do you get?

* 1 Laminated badge (5.0" x 4.0" ,or 12.7 x 9.8 cms)
* 1 Plastic Badge Clip (optional)
* 1 High Res. digital (.tif) file of your art.

Example Badges

Badge Styles

Character art will be head/shoulders/bust.


Extra Art Options


Open May 2018 onwards!
Badge turnaround (in general) of 1 to 2 weeks after commission request.

What's Your Process?

First come, first served. As such, there will probably be a short waiting list.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

All artwork will belong to Tiffany 'Foxy' Fox.. Please post your digital badge to social media/use it where you'd like to, but I do ask that you provide a link back to me in return. (Either my Twitter, or DA.)

Ready to Order?

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