FK Demetri

I'm an artist that specializes in fantasy semi-realism.
Playing games has been where my love of fantasy has come from, growing up with Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy. They've paved the foundation for my love of gaming and fantasy art even into my later years.

What do you get?

Semi-realistic rendering portrait of your character of choice, along with a physical badge!
You will also be sent a small gift package that will contain a few sparkly treasure pieces from my shop or things that haven't been listed.

The physical badge will be 3.8 x 4.8 inches
Laminated and protected!
Glossy finish

The digital copy will be sent to you by email!
Dimensions will be 612 x 792 pixels.
A version with and without the badge frame will be sent!

Example Badges

Badge Styles

You are given the choice of having a Flourish Gem at the top of your badge, the choice of the frame style, and if you want a name scroll or not.


Extra Art Options


Open immediately!
This wont be closing, but if you want a Blizzcon 2019 badge, order before October 21st!
Anything ordered after the 21st, will be still made, but I can't guarantee it'll get to you before the con!
If you would like a badge regardless of timeline, then feel free to order any anytime throughout the year.

What's Your Process?

Once a portrait is completed, they will be printed and made into a badge.
It will be sent within the next 2 days by regular post.

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

Terms of services can be read here!

Ready to Order?

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