Elf Junker

Heya! I'm Elf Junker Lvl 22 Artist and Cosplayer, and I do some crafty stuff here and there such as props. Some of my favorite games are World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda (A link to the Past to be specific lol), Overwatch and more. Honestly this will be my first doing art commissions online, usually done it by person/ close friends and such. I do plan on posting more of my art still need to get into the habit of that.. haha.
Well hope you like my stuff, if ya wanna know me more can follow or any questions or concerns, feel free to ask! ♥ @Elfjunker
(elfjunker.creations@gmail.com, Instagram,Twitter, FB, Devianart)

What do you get?

-Cord lanyard
-Digital copy of your badge

Example Badges

Badge Styles

No Badge Styles.


Extra Art Options


Open until late Sept 2018!

What's Your Process?

First come first serve!

Frame Styles

Terms of Service

Include all visual references of your character.
- A valid & frequented email as main point of contact.
- Only accepting payment via PayPal. I will send you a PayPal invoice that you will have to approve and pay.
- Full payment is expected within 48 hours once you agree with the sketch. I won’t start working on the final drawing before.
- I retain the right to refuse commissions for any reason.
- Once I got your order form, we will discuss details through e-mails.
- Changes or additions to your badge will not be accepted after payment is received; please be sure you're happy with the sketch!
*You may repost artwork for your badge for personal use. Credit is greatly appreciated.
-I'll do my best it gets shipped safely! However I'm not responsible for damaged, lost packages or late packages.

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