I've been playing Warcraft since mid Vanilla and I love to make people's characters come to life in their portraits.

What do you get?

A physical laminated badge and lanyard. (Other freebies are to be announced at a later date.)

Example Badges

Badge Styles

I only offer one style of badge. No frames.


Extra Art Options


I'll be opening badge orders in late May, I will ship them via first class USPS upon completing a badge batch (usually 3-4 weeks after ordering).

What's Your Process?

It's first come server and it's typically 5-7 badges per batch. I'm not sure how many badges I will be doing this year.

Frame Styles

No frame styles.

Terms of Service

Payment is due upfront at the time of badge confirmation receipt emails. I do not issue refunds and will work with you to the best of my ability to get you a badge you want within reasonable limits. I am not going to repaint your badge but I will make small alterations and adjustments as I move along!

Ready to Order?

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This artist does not currently have their order information published, please check back later.